DentOzone Plasma System (DPS)

DENTOZONE PLAZMA SYSTEM is having sterilizing power 6~7 times higher than that of chlorine and the mechanism of sterilizing power of DENTOZONE PLAZMA SYSTEM is that is decomposed to O2 and H2O passing through a time, when OH(Hydroxyl) & O (oxygen atom) has strong sterilizing power.

'DENTOZONE PLAZMA SYSTEM', which kills bacteria and viruses in an instant, kills mold, seaweed spores and yeast fungus,oxidizes heavy metals, iron, manganese and phenol, and its use is spreading widely because of its excellence in removal of chromaticity and restraint of THM generation.

  • Improvement of the image of dental unit & chair manufacturers that provide solutions for the problems of dental water
  • Differentiation with other unit & chair manufacturers
  • Improvement of the clean image of manufacturers
  • Fundamental solution of problems in after-sales service due to frequent blocking of handpiece
  • Preventing cross infection from occurring
  • Improvement of customers"f image on water quality management

Basic specifications
Operating conditions or specifications
Size: W202mm x D205mm x H360mm
Specifications 1:1 Unit & Chair
Power 100~240 VAC, DC24V, 1A

Цвет:: Белый

Weight: 3 g