THE Graft™ | Porous Bone Mineral Matrix

THE Graft ™ is designed to mimic the structure of human bone, offering osteoconductive properties to host cell growth and complete remodeling to host bone.
(0.25-1.0 mm) vial

THE Graft™ | Porous Bone Mineral Matrix
The natural structure of the anorganic bone mineral of THE Graft demonstrates similar physical and chemical characteristics compared to the mineralized matrix of human bone. THE Graft gradually resorbs and is replaced with host bone during the healing process. THE Graft is cancellous granules and is sterilized using gamma irradiation.
  • Highly porous structure with high interconnectivity - Supports absorption of liquids such as blood and leads to incorporation and remodeling.
  • Minimal residual protein without the use of high temperature sintering - The natural interconnectivity is maintained. THE Graft is structurally similar to human bone.
  • High level of purity - Predictable bone growth with little immunogenic reaction.
  • Demonstrated biocompatibility - Encourages cell adhesion and supports vital cell growth.
  • THE Graft hydrophilic properties - This high wettability positions this material to have advantages in host fluid absorption.